8 Week High Effort 5K Training Plan – One Workout per Day

This 8 week high effort 5K plan is a high training effort half marathon training program that is designed for experienced competitive runners. This program includes high intensity workouts, weekly long training runs and high intensity strength training. This is a 8 week program with 6 to 7 workouts per week. The 12 week program begins with a base of 8 miles. The 8 week high effort 5K training plan is for athletes who want to train to run their absolute best pace and usually are competing for top overall or age group finishing position. The workouts  are very strenuous and are only for athletes with considerable race experience and are prepared both mentally and physically for the high intensity training. If you feel you are not quite ready for this type of training you may want to consider a 5K training plan using slightly lower intensity workouts. There is a similar 8 week plan that is more moderate in training intensity There is also a 10 week moderate intensity plan. The only difference between those two moderate plans is the length of the training cycle and the rate of increase. This 8 week high effort 5K training plan is not just for those competing for finishing position. It is also for experienced runners that want to run at a goal pace, reach a goal finishing time or just improve their race performance.

This 8 week high effort 5K training plan is presented below in PDF format. You can either scroll through the pages or use the convenient viewer to proceed through the pages.