This is an 8 week moderate effort 5K competitive program that uses one workout per day/six days per week. This 5K training program that is designed for advanced beginners to intermediate level competitive runners. This program includes high intensity workouts, weekly long training runs and high intensity strength training. The 8 week program begins with a long run base of 6 miles. This 8 week moderate effort 5K plan is a semi custom plan that includes are specific training paces for your goal finishing time. The 8 week moderate effort 5K plan uses rest days, easy runs, long runs, lactate threshold training runs, speed training, hill training and compound workouts. the 8 week moderate effort training plan is intended for dedicated distance runners that are able to commit to daily workouts and have both the mental and physical strength to complete intense training paces and strength training. This 5K training plan is also for lower level advanced competitive runners that want to make the leap to the high level training required by this type of training. This plan is also for runners that prefer specific goal based workouts compared to more generic training plans. If  you would prefer a longer training plan there is a 10 week moderate effort 5K training plan here. The workouts and paces are the same in both training plans. The only difference is in the length of the plan. This is a pdf file that is in a handy pdf reader. You need no special software to view this training plan. You may scroll down through the pages of the plan or use the controls at the bottom of the page.