16 Week Moderate Training Effort Half Marathon Training Plan

This 16 week moderate effort half marathon training plan is for recreational and beginning competitive runners. The plan includes moderate to high intensity workouts, weekly to bi-weekly long runs and strength training. The half marathon training plan uses 6 to 7 workouts per week. The program begins with a base of 4 miles. If you do not already have that base, I would suggest using a lower intensity half marathon plan to gain both fitness and race experience before beginning this plan. These competitive half marathon differ from our other half marathon training plans mostly due to a goal of finishing your half marathon in the best possible finishing position or in your best finishing time. The  moderate effort half marathon training plan also has more workouts per week and high intensity workouts than our other half marathon training plans. With the goal of finishing in your best possible time it becomes more important to stick to the plan as closely as possible. It is also important to allow enough recovery time. If at any time you feel more fatigues that usual or if you feel weak it will be important to incorporate more rest in your program. This is also true if you find you are frequently suffering from colds. If you need additional rest either include more rest days or decrease the length or intensity of some workouts.

This half marathon training plan is presented to you in PDF format. You are able to either scroll through the pages using your scroll bar or flipping through the pages using the elegant PDF reader using the controls on the bottom of each page.



16 Week Moderate Effort