10 Week Moderate Effort 5k Training Plan for Competitive Runners


This is a 10 week moderate training effort 5K competitive program that uses one workout per day/six days per week. This 5K training program that is designed for advanced beginners to intermediate level competitive runners. This program includes high intensity workouts, weekly long training runs and high intensity strength training. The 10 week program begins with a long run base of 3 miles. Due to the high intensity of some of the workouts in this plan, it is not appropriate for beginning runners nor recreational runners that are not concerned with performance. If you are a beginner or a recreational runner please consider one of our other 5K training plans.

This moderate level plan is periodized and includes long runs, interval training, multi pace workouts, strength training and stretching. Training paces are included so you will not need to calculate your specific training paces. The days of specific workouts can be tailored to your needs, but I highly recommend that you maintain the sequence of the workouts. The strength training is an important of this 10 week 5K training plan. Many distance runners like to skip strength training and you can successfully complete this 5K plan without the strength training component, however, without the strength training I don’t think you will maximize your 5K race performance and you will be less injury resistant. The stretching component is another phase of 5K training that distance runners are notorious for skipping. I must admit that I don’t stretch enough as I should. The stretching is important for both injury prevention and performance. I have included a number of stretching exercises. This is a sample of many, many stretches that you could perform. If you have your favorites feel free to substitute, but try to include stretches that hit all of your major muscle groups in both lower and upper body.