4 Week Accelerated High Effort 5K Training Plan

This is a 4 week accelerated high training effort 5K training plan that uses one workout per day/five to six days per week with one to two rest days per week. This 5K training program that is designed for experienced competitive runners. This program includes high intensity workouts, weekly long training runs and high intensity strength training. The 4 week program begins with a long run base of 8 miles.

Accelerated training programs are designed for those time when you don’t have enough training time before your race for a more conventional training approach. This accelerated training program concentrates on goal pace running, high intensity running and quality training sessions with fewer easy or recovery run workouts. There is also greater use of rest days to assist with recovery.

While accelerated programs are not the ideal training scenario, these programs will help you reach your training goal in a shorter period of time. When engaging in an accelerated program you should always pay close attention to any signs of over training such as elevated resting heart rate, chronic fatigue, frequent illness, mental burnout, muscle weakness or muscle pain. For training plans of a longer duration see: 8 week high effort 5K training plan and 8 week high effort 5K training plan using 2 workouts per day.  



5K 4 Week Accelerated High Effort One Workout Per Day