16 Week Beginning Level Competitive Half Marathon Training Plan

This 16 week beginning half marathon training plan is designed for recreational and beginning competitive runners. This program includes moderate intensity workouts, weekly long training runs and strength training. This is a 16 week program with 4 to 5 workouts per week. The 16 week program begins with a base of 2 miles. As a competitive training plan this half marathon training plan incorporates different workout and slightly more difficult training runs and strength training. If you do not feel that you are ready for this type of competitive training plan consider using our beginning half marathon plan for recreational runners.

This 16 week beginning half marathon training plan uses for types of training runs. Easy endurance runs, progressive runs, long runs and goal pace training. Easy endurance runs are to further improve your endurance and provide an easier training day for recovery. Rest days are also included for recovery.

Progressive runs combine two or more types of training in one workout. Generally they follow a progressive system that start with an easy endurance pace and progress to a hard finishing pace.

Long runs are where you build up your endurance for over race distance. That will improve your endurance to a point that you can run your goal pace for the entire distance.

Goal pace training runs are a very important type of workout. These workouts will make you a more efficient runner at your goal race pace. Strength training is also included to improve your strength and power as well as increasing your injury resistance.

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16 Week Half Marathon Beginning Competitive