10K Circuit Training

By Rick Morris

All of the various race distances have their own unique requirements in terms of endurance, speed, stamina and strength. Of all the possible race distances, the 10K probably requires the highest level of fitness across all of those training components. You need a highly developed level of endurance, a high degree of speed, strong and powerful muscles and a lofty stamina level to maintain that speed over 6.2 miles. Many fitness strength athletes use circuit training. It’s also great for runners. These 10K circuit training workouts are specifically designed for 10K runners.

The accepted and traditional way to improve those phases of your training is a weekly, multi pace training schedule. That is still the best way to improve your 10K performance, but how about including a bi weekly workout that trains all of those systems? Here is a 10K training circuit that will build your endurance, strength, speed, vVO2 max and lactate turn point all at the same time. It will also add some interest and variety to your normal training schedule.

Do the following runs and strength exercises in order with no recovery between the various components. Before beginning this 10K circuit warm up with 1 mile at an easy pace followed by some dynamic drills.

  1. Run 1600 meters at 10K pace
  2. Do 20 bench step up on each leg
  3. Run 800 meters at 5K max pace
  4. Do 20 one leg squats on each leg
  5. Run 400 meters at 3K or vVO2 max pace
  6. Do 20 Stride Step Ups on each leg
  7. Run 800 meters at 5K pace
  8. Perform 25 meters of double leg forward hops
  9. Run 1600 meters at 10K pace
  10. Perform 25 meters of single leg forward hops
  11. Run 1600 meters at 10K pace and then speed up to 3K or vVO2 max pace for 400 meters
  12. Perform one basic core strength routine
  13. Run 1200 meters at 10K pace, 800 meters at 5K pace and 400 meters at 3K or vVO2 max pace with no recovery between the three paces.

At the end of this workout you will have run 6 miles at pace ranging from 10K pace to 3K or vVO2 max pace. You will have helped develop your endurance, lactate turn point, vVO2 max, 10K pace efficiency and running strength.