10 Minute Mega Time Saver Workouts

By Rick Morris

So, you say you only have 10 minutes for a workout? Really – just 10 lousy minutes! My first suggestion is to rethink your priorities. Your health, fitness, mental and spiritual fitness are some of the most important issues in your life. Do you really only have 10 minutes for a workout? OK – I believe you. A real time crunch happens to all of us. A 10 minute mega time saver workout  is far from ideal, but you can still reap some benefits, especially anaerobic and stress reducing benefits, even with a 10 minute workout. The key is intensity. With only 10 minutes you don’t have time for slow and easy stuff. Here are a few 10 minute mega time saver workouts to get you on your way quickly.

10 Minute Super Progressive

Here is a high intensity progressive run that will get you into the shower in record time. Run for 10 minutes. Run the first minute at an easy pace to warm up. Then speed up every minute so that you are in an all out sprint in the final minute. Walk to the shower for your cool down.

10 Minutes of Hell

Nothing fancy here. Warm up with one minute of jogging before speeding up to the fastest pace you can maintain for 9 more minutes. No wimping out here. Run as hard as you can. Then stumble to the locker room.

10 Minute Super Circuit

Super circuits are always a good choice when you’re in a hurry because they combine strength and endurance. Warm up with one minute of jogging. Then run 1 minute as fast as possible. Stop and do pushups for one minute. Now run for 2 minutes at mile pace before stopping for one minute of either core/plank exercises or crunches. Run 1 more minute as fast as you can and then stop for one minute of walking lunges. Now do 2 more minutes at mile pace and head for your clean up.

7 x 1 minute repeats

One minute repeats are always tough. These are even tougher because of shorter recovery time. Warm up with 1 minute and 30 seconds at a moderate pace to warm up. Then speed up to your maximum pace for your first 1 minute repeat. Recover with 15 seconds before continuing with your next repeat. Keep going for a total on 7 hard repeats with 15 seconds recovery between each hard repeat.

5 Minute Hill Climb

Do you have a steep hill nearby? Here is a good workout for you. If you don’t have a hill, you can do this one on your treadmill at maximum incline. Warm up with one minute of easy running on level terrain. Now run up the steep hill at a very hard pace for 5 minutes. Run back down the hill in about 4 minutes.