5K Circuit Training

By Rick Morris

Running a quality 5K race requires endurance, a lofty lactate turn point, an elevated vVO2 max, superior foot speed, a highly efficient stride and high levels of strength and power. You can train all of those physiological traits with specific workouts spread out over about 10 to 14 days. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine them all into one workout? Well – maybe you can with 5K circuit training. Fitness enthusiasts have been performing circuit training for years. Why – because they are able to cram a lot of different types of workouts into one. They save time. If you’re in a hurry you can do the same thing. You can combine all of your various 5K workouts into one.

Here is a 5K circuit training workout that will train your endurance, strength, power, lactate turn point and vVO2 max all in one session. You don’t need any special equipment for this 5K circuit training session, but I would suggest doing it at the track so you can use the infield and the bleachers for some of the strength exercises.

Do the following runs and strength exercises in order with no recovery between the various components. Before beginning this 5K circuit warm up with 1 mile at an easy pace followed by some dynamic drills.

  • Run 400 meters at 5K pace
  • Do 20 bench step up on each leg
  • Run 800 meters at 5K max pace
  • Do 20 one leg squats on each leg
  • Run 1600 meters at 5K pace
  • Do 20 Stride Step Ups on each leg
  • Run 800 meters at 5K pace
  • Perform 25 meters of double leg forward hops
  • Run 400 meters at 5K pace
  • Perform 25 meters of single leg forward hops
  • Run 600 meters at 5K pace and then speed up to sprint pace for 200 meters