Freshman Running

Do you want to learn to run? Do you want to enjoy the process ? Running is one of the most natural and simplest acts human beings can engage in. Like the famous song by Bruce Springsteen – “We were born to run.” We truly were born to run. As children we run to get around and run to play. It just came naturally. We didn’t start running on the day of our birth. First we learned to crawl, then to walk and finally to run. And run we did. Just look at the kids playing outside. They run to do everything. They don’t need to run, they want to. But something happened as we got older. Somewhere between childhood and adult hood many of us have forgotten how to run. We have lost the joy of running. That is the purpose of Freshman Running.

That is why I wrote this book. I want to bring back the joy of running. I want everyone to gain the physical and mental health benefits of running. I want you to learn to run properly so you can enjoy running for the rest of your life. That is the goal of this book.

As a running coach I have trained top level competitive runners to reach their athletic peak. Many of my athletes have gone on to reach championship levels. While I have gained great satisfaction in seeing the success of my competitive runners, I am most thrilled when I can help a new runner take the first steps in a lifetime of running. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a new runner begin to enjoy being an athlete, improving their health and meeting goals that they never imagined they would ever be able to do. It is with that goal in mind that I bring you this training guide.

The reasons for people failing to meet their running goals are improper training, poor technique and lack of motivation. Don’t allow yourself to fail. Learn the right way to train. Develop your goal setting and motivational skills. Meet YOUR running goal whether it be to lose weight or finish a marathon. You will find everything you need in Freshman Running

Whatever your running goal, Freshman Running will get you there. This beginning runners training manual will guide you through each and every phase of learning to run. You will learn to run safely and effectively using both time tested methods and the latest cutting edge techniques. You will learn to improve your endurance, increase your fitness and reach any running goal that you set for yourself.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn:
• How your body works and grows stronger
• Run safely in all conditions and avoid injuries
• Eat to fuel your body and lose weight
• Run with correct form and mechanics
• Stay motivated and enjoy your running career
• Set running goals for the rest of your life
• Finish a 5K, 10K or half marathon
• Train to finish a full marathon
• Run further and faster
• Build up your strength, endurance and flexibility

This book is presented to you in PDF format. You can view the pages using your scroll bar or the PDF viewer controls at the bottom of each page.


Freshman Running eBook