Gonzo Lactate Threshold Workouts

By Rick Morris

Lactate threshold (LT) training is challenging in its own right. To maximize your lactate threshold improvements you need to run at a pace that causes all of those metabolic nasty’s that are a major cause of running fatigue, including hydrogen ion build up, potassium accumulation, failing homeostasis and central nervous systems protective mechanisms. That means training at 10K pace or faster. Performing the tried and true mile repeats is always a good LT training run, but as a gonzo runner you just must take things to the extreme. You want to squeeze every last benefit out of your workout, even if it means taking fatigue and pain to a new level. Here are some gonzo lactate threshold workouts that will do just that.

I know you’re a gonzo runner but you still need to train using your brain. These workouts are really tough, so allow for sufficient recovery time and you probably shouldn’t do these more often that once every 10 days to two weeks.

Gonzo Mile Repeats

Yep, mile repeats are a standard LT workout, but this one has a bit of added difficulty.

  • Description: Run 6 x 1 mile or 1600 meter repeats at increasing pace. Run the first 400 meters at half marathon pace, the second 400 at 10K pace, the third 400 at 5K pace and the final 400 as fast as possible.
  • Pace: Increasing pace from half marathon speed to all out pace.
  • Recovery: None within each repeat. Recover between each mile repeat with 4 minutes of rest.

Gonzo LT Fartlek

Fartlek runs are supposed to be fun. This one may not be. Or then again…you are a gonzo runner. You love this stuff.

  • Description: 30 minute run alternating between 3 minutes at 5K pace and 2 minutes at half marathon pace.
  • Pace: Alternating between 5K race pace and half marathon race pace.
  • Recovery: None

Lactate Threshold Positive Splits

Since you’re a gonzo trainer, you’re probably also a gonzo racer. That most likely means you are a front runner that ignores the common advice of doing negative splits. Here is a workout that will help you perfect your front running ability.

  • Description:  Run 6 x 1200 meter repeats. Run the first 400 meters at mile pace, the second 400 meters at 5K pace and the final 400 meters at 10K pace.
  • Pace: Decreasing pace from mile pace to 10K pace.
  • Recovery: None within each 1200 meter repeat. Run at an easy pace for 400 meters between each 1200 meter repeat.

Gonzo 200’s

This is actually a common track workout. What makes a common workout a gonzo workout? You keep going until you are ready to drop!

  • Description:  Alternate between running 200 meters at mile pace and 200 meters at 10K pace. Keep following that pattern until you are no longer able to maintain proper running form and technique.
  • Pace: Alternating between mile pace and 10K pace.
  • Recovery: None