39 Minute 10K Training Plan

Is This Program For You?

Before beginning this 39 Minute 10K training plan, you should be sure that a 39 minute pace is a reasonable goal for you. You must maintain a 6:17 average pace per mile which is equal to a 3:54 per kilometer pace. If you have run a recent 10K that is in the 40 to 41 minute ranch, this is an achievable goal for you. If your current personal best is 41 to 42 minutes, this goal is possible, but will be very difficult. If your time is currently over 42 minutes, I would highly recommend setting a more easily achievable goal of about 1 or 2 minutes faster than your current time. Once you meet that goal, you can keep advancing toward a 39 minute 10K.

This program assumes that you are in good running condition and are prepared to undertake strenuous marathon training. Most runners that are at this level maintain a high level of fitness on a year round basis. They will take time off for recovery during the year, but are never far from their base of fitness and never far from race shape. If you have not been running for a long period of time, you will need to rebuild a base of fitness before starting a 10K training program.

If you are like most competitive runners, you are never far from race shape. Barring injury or illness, the typical competitive runner trains year round with some planned time off for recovery. A period of rest is a critical part of your training year. You will always have short periods of recovery following a race. The longer the race, the longer that immediate recovery period will be. Most runners will recover for 2 to 5 days following a 5K or 10K race and for 2 weeks or more following a marathon. In addition to the short periods of race recovery, it is a good idea to plan a recovery period of 2 to 4 weeks after your race season in order to restore the strength of both your body and your spirit, so that you are mentally and physically fresh and ready to run for the following race season.

It is after that planned period of rest, that you will want to rebuild and improve upon your base of endurance and strength that will support your training for the coming year.

This is a 10 week program that will prepare you to finish your 10K race in your goal time. This program assumes you are currently able run at least 6 miles without distress. If you are unable to run 6 miles you should gradually build up to that level before beginning this program.

This 39 minute 10K training plan is presented to you in PDF format. You can read the pages using your scroll bar or the PDF viewer controls at the bottom of each page.



39 Minute 10K